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Welcome to the UK-PSA website !

Our aim is to create an organisation of professionals in their practice field. All members agree to be bound be the Association's Code of Ethics and have been vetted prior to their membership acceptance.

UK-PSA was formed as an Industry Association for anyone involved in UK domestic Process Serving or with links to the UK Process Serving market.

Subsequently membership is open to anyone in the World so long as they either practice in the United Kingdom or can offer services abroad that are accessible for UK based Process Servers.

All UK-PSA members need to provide references from either practicing lawyers, previously admitted Process Serving members or have attended one of our process serving training courses.




UK-PSA & Licensing

The Government and the SIA seem to still be in a ponder regarding the licensing of Private Investigators which has left the industry in an interesting predicament.

Whilst licensing as a whole is welcomed by the majority of the industry it would appear the format of licensing and training to be classed as 'competent' still causes many active and respected PI's upset as they feel what is currently being considered is nothing more than a stealth tax upon the profession and possibly even a direct attack on the craft.


Whilst the outcome for many will be a badge and registration number from the SIA (or similar) surely the point of licensing is to offer those that yield to it payback in the form of quality training, not just a competency framework that to many seems nothing more than a tick box exercise?

The times are interesting but I for one would rather a quality licensing scheme rather than one that offers a plastic card and number for my hard earned cash.

David Clare
Chairman UK-PSA


UK-PSA Chairman's '52 in 52' Marathon's in 2015

The UK-Process Servers Association Chairman, David Clare, is looking to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks in 2015, the main marathon being London of which he is raising funds in aid of the charity VICTA.

Please support David in this truly epic challenge by visiting http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/David

A donation of ఠwill be made by the Association later this year towards David's progress however we would encourage members and site visitors to give to this fantastic charity too.

You can view David's progress via his personal website of http://www.DavidJohnClare.com

Jim Diver
Membership Secretary UK-PSA



Would you like to contact us about this page ? email info@uk-psa.org


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